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Romance is the urge to live and the willingness to die for another. Marriage is the urge to possess another.

— Karmayogi

Romance in Indian Movies


Romance & Relationship in Cinema

Fiction is a powerful medium for communicating deeper truths of human nature and the character of life. Great literature and good cinema can be both educative and inspiring, which is why we are often deeply moved by what we experience in fiction. In the age before motion pictures, literature was considered an essential means for learning about people, relationships and life in general. Whether we like it or not, cinema is the literature of the 21st century, the common medium for depicting the human experience in terms that are universally understood. No matter how outrageous the characters or fantastic the events depicted, there is always an element of truth in the way people act and the way life responds in fiction.

Romance Eternal has carefully screen and analyzed a wide spectrum of modern cinema to select stories that bring out profound truths regarding intimate human relationships in a manner that we can easily comprehend. We do not imply that all the events depicted in these movies are realistic, but we do affirm that all the modes and shades of human relationship they represent are true to life.

We invite you to discover truths of romance, love, marriage and human relationship in these films, to watch the video clips, read the articles and forum posts, raise questions and respond to those of other readers.


Jodhaa Akbar

Veer Zaara


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