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Romance can survive for a lifetime if the lovers are both good, emotional personalities who continue to grow in their emotional sensibilities after marriage .

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Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility vividly depicts the power of pure emotions, unmixed by possessiveness, impulsive attachment, egoism or assertiveness. Based on a novel by Jane Austen, the story revolves the romantic relationships of two sisters of very different character, the elder quiet, reserved and deeply emotional; the younger impulsive and expressive. Their characters and experiences are a study in contrast between vital infatuation and true affection.


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Plot Summary

Mr. Dashwood died, leaving his mother and three daughters, Elinor, Marianne and Margaret, with very little means to support themselves. Quiet, homely Elinor develops an affection for Mr. Edward Ferrars, her sister-in-law's wealthy brother, and her feelings appear to be reciprocated, until she discovers that he has been secretly engaged for many years to Lucy Steele, whom he met in his youthful days but does not love anymore. When she learns of the engagement from Lucy herself, she is heartbroken. Though Elinor and Edward harbor strong feelings of love for one another, he feels bound by his commitment to Ms. Steele. Elinor feels resigned to accept that commitment and accepts the prospect of remaining unmarried. Then suddenly Edward receives a letter from Lucy informing him that she has fallen in love with his brother, Robert, and they have married. Edward goes to Elinor to express his true feelings and they are reunited happily in the end.

In contrast to her elder sister, Marianne is beautiful, outgoing, excitable, passionate and romantic. When she is caught in a storm with an injured leg, she is rescued by the dashing young Mr. Willoughby who happened to be passing by and carries her safely home. Marianne is charmed and swept off her feet by his physical appearance and gallant manners. Willoughby courts her and leads her to believe he is deeply in love. She is heartbroken when she later learns about his bad reputation with women and his engagement to a wealthy woman for her money. Marianne discovers that a lover's character, capacity for real affection and personal values are a far truer and more lasting basis for successful relationship than external appearances. She matures and marries Brandon, a 37 year old Colonel who loves her deeply.

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Directed by Ang Lee
Book written by Jane Austen
Screenplay by Emma Thompson
Starring Emma Thompson as Elinor Dashwood,Kate Winslet as Marianne Dashwood
Hugh Grant as Edward Ferrars,Greg Wise as John Willoughby
Copyright belongs to Columbia Pictures Corporation



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