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One who is truly romantic never loses it later.

— Karmayogi

Eternal Romance

The search for constant delight in life especially in another person is the deepest, most intense and universal of human aspirations. It is the quest for eternal romance. Except in the pages of fiction, it is rarely achieved for more than a few moments. Yet few can abandon the dream of achieving it, because the aspiration originates in the depths of our emotional being. RomanceEternal.org is intended to explore the possibility of achieving it in your life. The very endeavor to seek this goal is an act of idealism which can bring greater delight.

Delight is at best a fleeting experience for human beings. The common experience is that if the magic of romance comes in a relationship at all, it quickly fades in the dull light of everyday life. Yet having once tasted the sweetness of romance, we never forget it and yearn to get it back.

Romance is to discover the eternal moment in another individual, so that the delight of existence can be felt ever-present and growing. Romantic attraction arises because we find in another person a psychological and spiritual complement to our own personality which fills each moment with unexpected novelty and surprising revelations of our partner's individual uniqueness.

Countless lovers have pondered over the mystery of why romance tends to fade so quickly. Yet the answer is not difficult to discover. Romance does not originate in another person. Romance is a quest for adventure which arises within ourselves, the search for an ideal which we seek to attain. The aspiration and courage for adventure in which we risk all and nothing is guaranteed, is the true basis for romance.

When the wonder of romance fades, our first instinct is often to blame our partner for not being the same as before, not being all that we need, little aware that we too have changed along the way. Often this leads us to question our original choice of the other person. The mistake is not in our choice but in the way we have implemented it. The power lies in us to revive the wonder.

To discover romance in another, one has to first discover it in oneself. We discover and evoke romantic feelings in another person through the attitude of self-giving we bring to the relationship during the initial period of acquaintance and pursuit, before we feel secure in our partner's affection or the permanency of the attachment.

Once that security is achieved, our natural inclination is to seek more for what we can get from the other person than what we can give. That subtle shift in attitude from wanting to please and wanting to give, to wanting to take and wanting to be pleased, gradually converts the magic of eternal romance into the routine habitual patterns of everyday life. Therefore the real work lies within ourselves, in a change in our own attitudes and behavior.

As common as it is, the fall from delight is not irreversible. If we can recover the original attitude of romantic adventure, the feeling can return. Romanceeternal.org offers knowledge and guidance to help you make that reversal and rediscover the delight of romance in yourself and your partner. Those who seriously aspire for that achievement will find their lives richer, fuller and happier for the effort.

You can use this site to obtain expert advice to solve a problem in your intimate relationship, to learn more about the true basis for eternal romance in relationships, and to explore ways to grow your own personality so that your capacity for feeling delight and offering delight to your partner is ever-expanding and richly fulfilling.

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