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Romance is the intensity of adventurous emotion which forgets the present and future.

— Karmayogi

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The objective of RomanceEternal.org is to help users discover or recover the joy and adventure of true romance. The ideas and recommendations presented here are based on universal, spiritual principles of life and human relationship known to many cultural traditions in the past and successfully applied in the lives of countless individuals. RomanceEternal.org is a project inspired by Karmayogi and undertaken by The Mother's Service Society, an educational and social science research institute in Pondicherry, India. The Society is also originator of the Human Science wiki and a special project examining the character of life and human consciousness in Jane Austen's famous novel Pride & Prejudice. For more information about the research activities of the Society, please see MSSResearch.org. For articles on life and spirituality, please see Karmayogi.net.

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