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Romance is the soul’s love for God in all souls.

— Karmayogi

Level 9 - Adoration

Idealistic romance is a movement that releases intense, selfless, positive ecstatic energy directed in adoration of another person and devoted entirely to their happiness. Idealistic love is incapable of expectation, bargaining, domination, complaining, doubt or suspicion of any kind. This is not the adoration of puppy love, but the adoration of that which is most noble, uplifting and godlike in another person. It can only be felt by and for one who has the highest values of truthfulness, generosity and self-giving. When admiration develops into adoration, one loses the capacity to be conscious.

 Many works of fiction have been written about sex, courting and marriage, but very few about real romance. The Viziers of Bassora by Sri Aurobindo comes closest to portraying the poetic beauty, ecstatic delight, strength, courage and selfless abandonment of pure adoration. The hero in the story is a young Arab named Nureddene, the son of a nobleman who served the King of Bassora. He is handsome, noble and full of mischievous delight. The heroine is a Persian slave girl of incomparable beauty and angelic charm named Anice-aljalice, who was raised and educated to be a fit companion for a king. Nureddene’s father is commissioned to find a magnificent slave for the king. He purchases Anice on the King’s behalf for an enormous sum and takes her to his home for safekeeping. When Nureddene and Anice cast eyes on each other by accident, they are lost to the rest of the world. To Nureddene, wealth, social status and his very life have no value without Anice. The king is furious when he learns that his would-be slave girl has been taken by Nureddene. The lovers flee for their lives and seek refuge and mercy from the great Caliph in Baghdad. So pure and intense is their devotion for one another, that the Caliph himself is forced to submit to the supremacy of their love. He restores their rights and banishes those who conspired against them. It is a story of conflict, danger, adventure, the threat of death, the very conditions in which real romance flourishes. Their mutual adoration has a aura of spiritual purity combined with the richest, most intense earthly delight. A romantic tale, perhaps, but one which beautifully portrays the power of pure adoration to conquer over all obstacles. Learn unfailing strategies to rise up the scale of romance in your relationship

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