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Man's life will be fulfilled if romance continues after the wedding.

— Karmayogi

Romance in Literature

Romance & Relationship in Literature

Fiction is a powerful medium for communicating deeper truths of human nature and the character of life. Great literature and good cinema can be both educative and inspiring, which is why we are often deeply moved by what we experience in fiction. In the age before motion pictures, literature was considered an essential means for learning about people, relationships and life in general. Romance Eternal has selected a range of stories that bring out profound truths regarding intimate human relationships in a manner that we can easily comprehend.

We invite you to discover truths of romance, love, marriage and human relationship in these stories, read the articles and forum posts, raise questions and respond to those of other readers.


As you Like it
Barchester Towers
Dr. Thorne
Framely Parsonage
Gone with the Wind
Lady Anna
Pride and Prejudice
Romeo and Juliet
The Counte of Monte Cristo
The Viziers of Bassora


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